Shell Kit is the development toolkit specially designed for kids/students who are studying Python programming.
It can help to improve their interests in programming and inspire their creatvity.
The core of the kit is a mini controller based on MCUSH platform. With some commonly-used electronic modules and an easy-to-use software, the kit is easy to use and handle. Kids can study programming with fun.
With the help of Shell Kit, students with the basic knowledge of Python programming can quickly control real hardware with Python, including:
light up LEDs, control relay, detect button press, rotate the servo motor, beep sound, display on segment LED, draw bitmap on matrix LED, control LED strap...


Basic set contains:
MCUSH Tiny controller 1 pc
Button module (red/green) 2 pc
Tri-color traffic lights module 1 pc
5V Relay module 1 pc
4 digits segment LED module 1 pc
8x8 matrix LED module 1 pc
Micro servo motor 1 pc
8bit color LED strap module 1 pc
Dubond line (red/black/yellow/green) 20 pc
USB cable 1 pc
The whole set is collected in a mini plastic box, it's easy to carry.


The layout of the workbench software:
Left: Additional functions of the controller ports; Middle: Edit your code; Right: Control buttons
Operation sequence:
  • Connect the controller with PC, install driver following the direction, and a virtual serial port should be finally generated.
  • As the connection diagram shows, connect electronic modules with the controller, click "Load example" and select the corresponding code.
  • Click "Run", you will see the result.

  • The software is equipped with various example codes, waiting for your try:


    Traffic lights

    simulate basic traffic lights

    key controlled relay
    Servo motor

    make servo motor swing
    LED Segment

    segment LED counter
    LED Matrix 8x8

    binary counter demo
    LED Matrix 8x8

    rotating triangle with draw line function
    LED Matrix 8x8

    blink heart animation with draw bitmap function
    LED Matrix 32x8

    display random pixel
    LED Matrix 32x8

    display scrolling string (horizontal)
    LED Matrix 32x8

    display digital clock
    LED Strap

    rainbow effect
    LED Strap

    random color switch

    Complete demo video collection


    Traffic light
  • flow water LED effect
  • add flash indicatation 10 seconds before switch LEDs
  • LED Segment
    keys controlled counter (up/down)
    LED Matrix 8x8
  • draw bitmaps
  • draw image with pixel/line functions
  • animation effect
  • More exercises (pdf)...